1. desert drone cycle
    cristopher cichocki

  2. lemegeton party
    junkie flamingos

  3. episodes
    bloom offering

  4. maps
    ekin fil

  5. khayan kuno
    fosil sangiran

  6. pasar fosil
    fosil sangiran

  7. august 53rd
    fossil aerosol mining project

  8. connector

  9. inflame : original sountrack
    ekin fil

  10. ghosts inside
    ekin fil

  11. electrical injuries
    jim haynes

  12. the story surrounds us
    kate carr

  13. natural incapactity
    relay for death

  14. throttle & calibration
    jim haynes

  15. being near
    ekin fil

  16. surrender, render, end
    francisco meirino

  17. conditions of acrimony

  18. it was a time of laboured metaphors
    kate carr

  19. brittle
    grant evans

  20. the day 1982 contaminated 1971
    fossil aerosol mining project

  21. 60' cassette
    richard garet

  22. радиосон

  23. scarlet
    jim haynes

  24. so long
    sigtryggur berg sigmarsson

  25. from the mouths of clay
    simon whetham

  26. works for cassette
    taiga remains

  27. the shudder of velocity
    jim haynes

  28. ununtrium's daughter
    jim haynes

  29. relief
    r. millis

  30. ocean on ocean
    the slaves

  31. kamchatka
    jim haynes

  32. the decline effect
    jim haynes

  33. big shadow montana
    bj nilsen & stilluppsteypa

  34. samoa highway
    rv paintings

  35. sever
    jim haynes

  36. the otolith
    loren chasse & michael northam

  37. interceptor

  38. passing out
    bj nilsen & stilluppsteypa

  39. we share a shadow

  40. erosion of the analogous eye
    matt shoemaker

  41. spots in the sun
    matt shoemaker

  42. drykkjuvísur óhljódanna
    bj nilsen & stilluppsteypa

  43. telegraphy by the sea
    jim haynes

  44. the sleeping moustache
    m.s. waldron, steven stapleton, sigtryggur berg sigmarsson, jim haynes, & r.k. faulhaber

  45. tracer

  46. vikinga brennivin
    bj nilsen & stilluppsteypa

  47. mud wall

  48. ozeanishe gefühle
    irr. app. (ext.)

  49. the glass sponge

  50. magnetic north
    jim haynes

  51. the chronograph


helen scarsdale California

post-industrial research, surrealist collage, refined minimalism, caustic electro-acoustics, sublimated dream-pop, obfuscated field recordings, recombinant noise, existential vacancy, and then some.

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